Class of 2022 - Seniors

Class of 2022

Abbey Warren, Class Sponsor

Class of 2022 - It's A Wrap

Class of 2022 - It's A Wrap

This form must be completed at one time. You may not log back in to change your answers or complete them. You must also log-in with your school email address.

Seniors, please choose one boy AND one girl for each of the superlatives. We will have a set date to take the pictures for the superlative winners. People will not be able to win more than one superlative. Please see the master list of seniors for your choices. Remember, you can only nominate seniors for the superlatives. Please type their FIRST & LAST NAME in the blanks provided. Superlatives will be tallied on Google Forms. You must also include your full name and student ID number before you submit your votes. The survey will be closed on Feb. 11.

Your senior bio will include your name, your age, post-high school plans, and a short bio or message.

A baby (or a childhood) picture will be used in the senior section of The Buccaneer. You will submit your file digitally at the bottom of this form. If you only have a hard copy of the photo, you may come to Mrs. Ward's room and scan it. The Buccaneer staff will not be responsible for photographs. Some of you have already submitted or scanned your baby photos so unless you want to use a different photo, you do not need to resubmit.

These photos can be a candid photo of you and your best friend(s) or your pet! Please provide a short description in the notes category.

For the senior memory collage page, please submit your pictures of you with other senior students together from pre-K through high school digitally with this form or stop by Mrs. Ward's room to scan them. Please include a description of the event along with your photo(s), in the notes category. To submit additional digital photos, email it to or attach it to the form.

Inappropriate content will not be tolerated, and it will be reported to Administration. The editors and adviser have the final say in the content and may request new content or deny participation.

The Buccaneer Yearbook - Senior Info

Class of 2022 - Senior Recognition Ads

The completed Senior Ad Recognition form, all pictures, messages, and a $75 deposit must be submitted to Mrs. Ward (Rm 13-002) by Nov. 19. Mrs. Ward’s room is open for yearbook business first through the fifth period. Please do not come at any other time. Ads are sold on a first-come basis and there are a limited number of pages set aside for ads.

Recognition ads must be paid in full by Dec. 17, 2021, or receive a $35 late payment fee. Ads must be paid in full, including the late fee, by Jan. 6, 2022, or the ad will be pulled without refund of any monies paid, and the ad space will be resold. Please upload all digital files for the senior's ad. Proofs will be emailed to the email address provided with one opportunity to make changes or switch out photos. A final proof will be sent. Any additional changes will cost $25 per draft.

Photo collages will NOT be accepted.

Please keep in mind if the pictures are screenshots or low-resolution images, the photos may be blurry when enlarged for the yearbook. If you do not have access to digital photos, your student may come to Ward's room to scan his/her pictures and take them with them when they are finished. Photos with watermarks (because they are samples not approved for digital downloads) may not be used. The Buccaneer will not be responsible for hard copies of photos.

**Please note that page designs may be flipped/mirrored to accommodate for a right or left side page, or the direction of large photo.