6th Grade Supply List

•           Number 2 pencils

•           Black or blue ink pens

•           Colored pencils

•           Markers

•           Headphones or earbuds

•           4 Glue sticks

•           Scissors

•           12 Black Expo markers {Must be Expo)

•           2 packs of Magic erasers ($1 at the Dollar Tree)

•           Regular Post-its

•           Mini sized Post-its

•           Pencil bag or box

•           Highlighters (Multi-color pack)

•           3 Three-Subject spiral notebooks (with the plastic front cover)

•           3 pocket folders (with prongs, plastic recommended)

•           2 packs of wide-rule notebook paper

Teacher Needs: These supplies will be used for common use throughout the year. If you can, please bring 4 of each item listed below. They will be distributed throughout the sixth grade teachers.

•           Germ-X

•           Kleenexes

•           Copy paper

•           Clorox/Lysol wipes

•           Gallon Ziploc bags (Science teacher only)

•           Liquid Glue (Science teacher only)

•           Paper Towels (Science teacher only)

7th Grade Supply List:

  • (4) 3 prong plastic* folders with pockets (the Mead brand hold up very well if available) OR
  • 3 inch 3-ring binder with (4) pocket dividers
    • ear buds
    • loose leaf notebook paper
    • pens
    • #2 pencils
    • liquid glue
    • dry erase markers for individual use
    • highlighters (multiple colors)
    • colored pencils
    • pencil sharpener (personal, _hand held)
    • 3 x 5 inch lined or unlined notecards (100 per nine weeks)
    • (1) 1 subject spiral notebook (8.5" x 11 ")
    • (1) 3 subject spiral notebook (8.5'' x 11 ")
    • simple 4 function solar powered calculator (currently@ Wal-Mart for $2.50

Donations of tissues, notebook paper, pens/pencils, or cleaning wipes to be shared in each of your classes are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

*3 prong paper folders with pockets will work, but will need to be replaced at least once or twice during the school year.

Please note that as the year goes on, students will need to replenish their supplies as they run out or wear out. Students must .have these items with them in each class every day.

There will be times during the year when students may need special supplies like poster board for special projects. Students will have advance notice of this.

8th Grade Supply List:

•           Loose-leaf paper (college- or wide-ruled)

•           Pens and/or pencils

•           Headphones or earbuds

8th Grade Supply List (in addition to the items above):

J. Boatright - Social Studies

  • One spiral notebook OR one binder with paper

M. Boatright - English language Arts

  • 2 folders (3-prong with pockets)

E. Cannon - Algebra/Math

  • One 1-inch binder
  • Graph paper
  • Ruler
  • (Ask teacher about calculator specifics.)

E. Roberts - Science

  • One 1-inch binder
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue
  • Scissors

8th Grade Wish List:

•           Hand sanitizer

•           Facial tissues

•           Paper towels

•           Disinfectant cleaning wipes