The Suwannee County Fire Rescue, under the guidance of Tim White (Fire Marshal), prepared a farm safety class at Branford High School (BHS) that included fire extinguishers and basic first aid.  The agriculture classes, welding classes and anatomy and physiology classes all took part in the program. 

Over 185 students attended the program.  The Fire Marshal presented a PowerPoint about the different classifications of fires and fire extinguishers.  During the presentation, students learned how to properly use fire extinguishers.  They were given the opportunity to use the virtual fire extinguisher to put out a virtual fire. BHS ninth grade student Brallam Xithe said, “The presentation was pretty fun.  I felt like I failed because I took so long putting out the fire but I did not because he taught me the correct way to use it and I eventually figured it out with the fire marshal's help.”  Shawn Hillengas taught the students how to treat basic injuries and administer chest compressions.  BHS eleventh grade student Zamaria Granado said, “I learned that you have to do two compressions per second when you are performing CPR.  I also learned that there are more than one type of fire extinguisher.  By using the virtual fire extinguisher, I learned how to correctly put out a fire.”  The students enjoyed the hands on activities and learned a great deal about safety.

BHS FFA Advisor Stacy Young said, “I am extremely thankful the Suwannee County Fire Rescue for presenting a fire safety and basic first aid class.  The students learned a lot by not only watching the PowerPoint but also by performing hands-on activities.  The information presented to my students will be beneficial when they take the agritechnology certifications in the spring.”