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BHS Faculty

Faculty List

Name Assignment Email
Boatright, Jeffry US History, Debate
Boatright, Marcia M/J Language Arts
Bradow, Danelle M/J Science
Cannon, Darryl Economics, Government, U.S. History
Cannon, Erin Algebra 1 and Liberal Arts Math
Cassube, Pam Engineering, Robotics, Coding
Christy, Pamela M/J Language Arts
Clark, Erin Hope, Anatomy & Physiology
Clark, Timothy PE, HOPE
Coker, Eleanor M/J Language Arts
Dees, Julie Culinary Arts
Diaz, Carlos Chemistry, Physics, Biology
Dobson, Jason Band
Etcher, Anne M/J Agriculture, MS FFA adviser
Fryar, Vaster Art
Frye, Cynthia ESE, Transition
Gaylard, Lawanna M/J Life Science
Hill, Angel M/J Civics
Huddleston, Terry Principal
Jernigan, Renee Business, Computer Skills
Jernigan, Shannon Liberal Arts Math, Math College Readiness, HOPE
Johnson, Amanda M/J Math
Koon, Karen Media Specialist, Gifted, Executive Internship and Volunteer Public Service
Manna, Carl Assistant Principal
McInnis, Joshua Biology, Physical Science
McInnis, Lynda Credit Recovery
Merritt, Laura M/J Math
Monica Jackson English III, IV
O’Quinn, Alex PE
Rains, Emilee M/J Social Studies
Rodriguez, Sergio Spanish
Roundtree, Michele English II
Santos, Stefani ESE
Sikes, Mendy PE
Soride, Cara Pre-Calculus, Alg 2, Math for College Readiness
Stewart, Denise ISS
Taylor, Daniel M/J World History
Taylor, Tommy Welding
Ward, Misty Journalism Academy The Buccaneer Drift & The Buccaneer Adviser
Warren, Abbey Geometry, Algebra
Whitley, Linda ESE
Wingate, K.J. ESE
Wood, Angela Assistant Principal
Young, Stacy High School Agriculture, FFA adviser