Are you struggling to decide which college you should go to? Some colleges out of state waive out of state tuition. Stop by guidance to get pointed in the right direction for al your college/career needs.

Also, All juniors and Seniors should take the ACT and 'or the SAT Stop by guidance for sign up information.

ACT registration deadline for the Dec 9 test is Nov. 3

SAT registration deadline for Dec 2 test is Nov 3.

Don't delay the sooner the better to take these important tests.

Are you interested in applying for scholarships? The time is now to start looking and applying. Stop by guidance and look through the scholarship box weekly.

Seniors, anyone interested in going into education upon graduation stop by guidance to fill out educator scholarship. Deadline is Dec 15

Seniors/Juniors, Anyone interested in going into military or the National guard stop by guidance for more information.